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  • Koanga Balance


    This product is for those gardeners who have been striving to achieve minerally balanced and biologically active soils and are concerned about psyliid on potatoes, tomatoes and peppers etc, and other pests and diseases. This product is also for those who do not wish to use Koanga Psyllid Solution because even though it is non…

  • Pruning Paste



    Hand made, all ingredients are organically grown in Aotearoa, New Zealand: Bees Wax, Olive Oil and essential oil of Rosemary.

  • Widger


    Widger These are simple little tools that make a huge difference when you are pricking out seedlings, especially at the tiny stage when they have just got their first two leaves.

  • Refractometer


    The Starr BRM-100 Refractometer is specifically designed for measuring Brix % or sugar related liquids such as sugar in fruit and vegetable juices and maple sap. These manual, optical Refractometers are especially useful for food harvesting, processing and packaging industries as they are able to monitor the specific concentration of sugar concentration in food and beverages to ensure product quality. These devices are…

  • Koanga Psyllid Solution Diatomaceous Earth 500g


    This non-toxic organic spray is an absolute must for everybody wanting to grow potatoes, tomatoes, tamarillos or peppers in New Zealand. If you don’t have the psyllids, you probably soon will. This product is a very finely ground, water soluble version of diatomaceous earth, and is applied as a foliar spray. Contains 85% silicon dioxide in the form of dispersible powder. Highly effective against a large range of insect pests. This will make enough spray to cover 100sqm eight times.

    Diatomaceous earth is also used as an ingredient in Tree Paste and as a Poultry Miticide

  • Seedling Inoculant




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