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The PR 8180 Refractometer is specifically designed for measuring Brix % or sugar related liquids such as sugar in fruit and vegetable juices and maple sap.

These manual, optical Refractometers are especially useful for food harvesting, processing and packaging industries as they are able to monitor the specific concentration of sugar concentration in food and beverages to ensure product quality.

These devices are also able to easily and accurately test the ripeness of fresh produce including fruits and vegetables in the field using only a few drops of juice.

They are capable of measuring with high accuracy, providing precise results and using only ambient light, so therefore no batteries are required.


  • Portable, handheld
  • Bright, clear scale
  • Automatic temperature control (Compensation range 10°C ~ 30°C)
  • Easy to operate
  • Uses ambient light only

Refractometers are the hand held tools that we use to measure the Brix or sugar content of the sap of our plants. The sugar content is a reflection of the nutrient density of our plants. To be fully nourished and to know we are taking care of our soil ( getting the right minerals in the right relationships ) we must be growing High Brix crops or nutrient dense crops. You’ll find more information, instructions and recommended Brix levels here.

We recommend that you buy the Nourishment Home Grown Book when you purchase a refractometer although it can be difficult to source. Our booklet Growing Nutrient Dense Food provides lots of essential information or you could undertake the Growing Nutrient Dense Food online workshop with Regeneration Productions.