Volunteering is a great way to connect with our work. It provides an opportunity to visit and do some experiential learning that serves you but also adds a lot of value to us at Kōanga.

Volunteer Days at Kōanga 2023!
Fridays (except public holidays) 10:30am – 3:00pm beginning February 10th

In 2023, we are running Volunteer days in the Forest Garden from 10:30am – 3:00pm. Kay and Rachel, our Forest Garden manager will be leading the sessions and we will be working in our Mediterranean or Temperate Forest Garden, or our Pig and Chicken forage forest garden. All of these forest gardens covering 2 hectares are well established now and amazing to be in. Learning to manage them is the challenge for most of us, and this is an opportunity to get to learn here at Kōanga. You are welcome to join our staff for lunch (the vege come from our own Research Garden) and discuss anything you feel like and check out our gardens etc. if you wish. Home schooled children over the age of 10 are welcome.

Please e-mail [email protected] if you’d like to be involved. Let us know what kind of experience you’ve had and special skills you want to share with us.