Our seed collection is built on the foundation of hundreds of generations of growers who have nurtured biodiversity and cultural heritage

Kōanga’s mission is to make these amazing heritage seeds available to New Zealand gardeners and to provide information and support on how to grow them in the best possible way. 

Our full colour, 88 page 2023 Seed Catalogue is available as a free e copy or to buy as a hardcopy. Browse through the catalogue and then order your seeds from our website. Members can choose 2 packets of free seeds from the selection here

To help you get the best from the seeds you purchase we have provided information on how to grow seedlings and how to grow your plants in a nutrient dense manner. We also have a range of books and booklets available to provide essential information to help you upskill. In addition we have lots of information on all aspects of gardening in our knowledge base

You can also find out more about what is special about Kōanga’s seeds