Kōanga Institute Seed Catalogue 2023


A printed copy of our beautiful, 88 page, full colour 2023 Spring Seed catalogue.

Also available as a free e-book download right here.


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Discover the Power of Kōanga Heritage Seeds!

At Kōanga, we take immense pride in offering you the finest selection of heritage seeds, all meticulously grown right here on our land in highly mineralized and microbially active soils. We firmly believe that these seeds are truly unparalleled, capable of fostering a deep connection with the life in the soil and the universe. In turn, they communicate with our bodies through our gut, contributing to both human and ecological health.

For over 40 years, Kōanga has been dedicated to preserving and providing these precious seeds for your gardening endeavours. One of the many exceptional benefits of growing our seeds lies in their adaptation to our unique climate and soil conditions. Unlike imported heritage seeds, which were selected in low humidity environments like California, our seeds are perfectly suited for our local environment. This makes them not only healthier but also easier to cultivate, ensuring a successful and bountiful harvest.

Welcome to our new season’s full-color seed catalogue, thoughtfully designed to assist you in planning for the upcoming gardening seasons. Featuring a remarkable selection of over 330 heritage food plant varieties, including some exciting new seed lines, our catalogue is your gateway to a thriving garden and a healthier more delicious future. Beyond the comprehensive seed offerings, you’ll find enlightening articles and valuable information to support your gardening journey. Additionally, our catalogue unveils the lineup of workshops for the coming year, showcasing exciting new additions and guided tours to enrich your knowledge and passion for gardening.

Get ready to select your seeds for the upcoming season and explore our 43 years of Kōanga’s legacy. Embrace the power of Kōanga heritage seeds, and let’s embark together on the path of regeneration and abundance!

Peruse the e-book version for free here or order a hardcopy catalogue now and be part of the Regeneration Revolution!