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  • Beginner Gardener Seed Kit


    Contains 48 packets of seeds plus a Garden Action Plan for planting, a Crop Rotation Planner, a Garden Map and a description sheet on how to use.

  • Children’s Garden Collection


    This collection contains the seeds a wide mix of plants that get children excited in the garden. We include hut building instructions using flowers and the vegetables included are exciting shapes and colours as well as easy and fun to grow – favourites for young gardeners.

  • Cottage Garden Faery Collection


    A special collection of heritage Cottage Garden flowers that are perfect for creating a space that feels really special place to remember our grandmothers, and to tangibly feel the garden faeries there as well.

  • Kiwi Superfood Collection


    The vegetables and fruit you can grow with these seeds all have outstanding nutritional qualities and the details about each are in the Collection for you. We have included both Summer and Winter crops to create a year of fun and discovery and home grown superfood!

  • Nourishing Greens Collection


    This is a special collection of seeds from the Koanga Institute.


  • NZ Heritage Rare Seed Collection


    This is a very special collection of rare vegetables that you are unlikely to find in any other seed catalogue.

  • Rainbow Summer Salad Collection


    This collection of summer vegetables will ensure you have a load of colour, fun, flavour and nutrition in your salads this summer.


  • Revival-Survival Seed Kit


    After receiving numerous requests over the years for a ‘Revival / Survival Garden Kit’ we are excited to introduce our answer to this demand:

    Presenting the Kōanga Institute Garden Revival / Survival Kit!

    This kit includes a detailed garden design, management plan, action plan, and a complete set of heritage seeds to plant a garden that could provide all the vegetables and grains a small family would need to eat a balanced and enjoyable diet over the whole year.

    It also includes all the information and the seeds you need to be able to save all of the seeds in this garden and potentially have seeds to sell or share.
    This kit stands out as the most practical and effective solution for cultivating a self-sustaining, regenerative garden.

    Whether you seek independence from the supermarket, wish to ensure your family’s nourishment in times of food scarcity, or face budget constraints, this revival kit offers unparalleled value.

    It is, without a doubt, a unique garden kit, thoughtfully designed for real-world family usage, occupying a total space of 200 sqm with an additional 50 sqm allocated for seed saving.

    What sets this kit apart, aside from the organic, regeneratively grown seeds, is its inclusion of comprehensive action plans and compost recipes, which are instrumental in soil enrichment and the overall success of your garden. It’s a holistic and regenerative approach to securing your food source and enhancing self-reliance.

  • Wild Fermentation Collection


    This collection of vegetables is designed to inspire you to preserve your excess from the garden with the technique of lactic fermentation.

  • Winter Salad Collection


    This collection is great for beginner gardeners.

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