June 2023

Animals for sale

All of these animals have been in herds/ flocks that have been organically managed for over 20 years. On top of that the cows have been managed following MIG (Management Intensive Grazing) practices, and both sheep and cows have been  selected for the past 12 years on very poor pumice ash based soils. Anybody who has ever tried to take animals from good soil to poor soil will understand the value of that.

Having been selected now, at great cost in the beginning on these poor soils, these animals will thrive organically everywhere else. They are already doing well here, and everywhere else will be better than this for them. As breeding stock for people wanting hardy strong animals for small scale local family/community food resilience they will be a wonderful beginning, or for those looking for a hardy quiet future house cow the young stock will be fantastic as well.

Dexter and Dexter X Cattle

The herd has been managed organically no drenches for over 30 years. Purebreds are wonderful for meat, and Jersey crosses better for milking. A bit of the Jersey high milk production and the Dexter hardiness! 

Calves are $550 + gst, all others  $880 + gst .. they have all been to the bull. 

All of these cows/calves are being milked or coming into the yards each day with the herd so are quiet.

  • Gizzy 2 Dun Dexter purebred weaner calf b.2022 Dam Ziggy Sire Ahi
  • Tip purebred Dexter  weaner calf  b. 2022 Dam 89Sire Ahi
  • Whetu Black purebred Dexter   b.2021 Dam, Patu Sire Ahi
  • Greta 2 x Dexter Jersey  b.2021 Dam  Gail
  • Paiarehe Black purebred Dexter weaner calf, last one born this season b. 2022; Dam  Patu
  • Ginge red purebred Dexter  b. 2021 Dam Anna Sire Ahi
  • Ziggy Black purebred Dexter cow . Dam Gizzy Sire Red B 2018
  • Gemma Black purebred Dexter Dam Ruby Sire Red B 2017
  • Patu Black purebred Dexter  Dam Pounamu Sire Red B 2017

Bull, we only have one bull for sale and he is a weaner calf . b 2022 , so will be another year before you could use him.. Black Dam Gemma  $660+ gst 

If you’d like to discuss cows please phone Kay on 0272702814





Bull calf





Wiltshire Sheep

The flock has been managed organically for 20 + years with no drenches ever

  • 6 mixed age polled Wiltshire ewes $385 +gst each
  • 3 horned ewe lambs @ $275 + gst
  • 1 x  2 tooth ram @ $1100 + gst
  • 2 x polled ram lambs $550 + gst
Horned ewe & lamb
Horned ewes & lambs
Polled rams
Polled ram lamb

If you are interested in sheep please ph Taiamai on 0211436854

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