Empower yourself with the practical skills to turn your dreams of self-reliance into your reality

We use the Permaculture design process to design and teach solutions for all aspects of our lives and environment.
Our guided tours, workshops, and internships are all great ways to create your lifestyle or career path in a regenerative way.

Regenerative Online Workshops

Designed to share our knowledge and experience for people who are not able to attend on-site workshops or those who prefer not to, our expanding online workshop programme allows you to study at your own pace and lifelong access means you can revisit each workshop as often as you choose. For technical reasons the online workshops are on a separate website with different login from this site

Regenerative Workshops

Our onsite workshop programme allows participants to gain a deep level of knowledge with practical application direct from our experienced tutors and to glimpse a different way of living through visiting or staying at Koanga. With workshops from one to five days long on subjects from Gardening, Forest Gardening, Herbal Health through to Animal Management there is something for everyone.


Internships are opportunities for students who have already done some Permaculture learning to further this learning by gaining practical experience in their field of interest. These unique internships provide learning from experts in your desired area of focus and sit within the wider Koanga framework so allow immersion in far wider learning than your specific internship will provide, including all aspects of soil health, crop health and human health, and many other aspects, as well as experiencing living simply.