Tricho dowels – 100 dowels


100 dowels. Enough for around 30 to 40 trees.

For inoculation of Silverleaf diseased trees.

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Description: These are dowels that are impregnated with the living Trichoderma species and they can be used to inoculate and heal infected trees. The severity of the infection, and the size of the tree will determine how long this takes. A newly infected tree with one branch infected may only take 1 season to clear up. A large tree with several branches affected may take 3 years. and as many dowels each year as there are branches. Huge branches may need 2 dowels per branch.

Directions for use: These dowels require a 6mm hole to be drilled into the trunk of your infected tree. If it is a relatively small tree then 1 dowel may be enough. If your tree is larger with several bigger branches, place 1 dowel below each branch on the main trunk, and if these branches are huge put 2 dowels below each of the branches. This can be done anytime from January through to July.