Koanga Psyllid Solution Diatomaceous Earth 500g


This non-toxic organic spray is an absolute must for everybody wanting to grow potatoes, tomatoes, tamarillos or peppers in New Zealand. If you don’t have the psyllids, you probably soon will. This product is a very finely ground, water soluble version of diatomaceous earth, and is applied as a foliar spray. Contains 85% silicon dioxide in the form of dispersible powder. Highly effective against a large range of insect pests. This will make enough spray to cover 100sqm eight times.

Diatomaceous earth is also used as an ingredient in Tree Paste and as a Poultry Miticide


Directions for Use for Psyllids:

Dissolve at a rate of 100g per 5 litres of water, and use this on 125sq m of garden area.-

Use a back pack sprayer to apply to plants evenly, and ensure a good coverage of the ground and plant, with uniform coverage of both the upper and lower leaf surfaces. Insects must come into direct contact with the solution to be effective, so good coverage is important.-

Maybe washed away by heavy rainfall, so if rain falls after an application, another application may be applied if insect pressure has not abated.


  • This product can have an adverse effect on beneficial insects such as bees, so avoid spraying during flowering.
  • Do not spray if there is likelihood of rain
  • When mixing and applying ensure that you constantly agitate the solution to avoid any settling out.
  • Koanga Psyllid Solution has very low toxicity, but does possess a dust hazard. This is most likely to occur during transfer into the water. Please take precautions and wear a dust mask and eye protection. You do not want this fine powder in your lungs!
  • Avoid contamination of water supply.

Crop    Pests Psyllid Solution
    is effective against

Potatoes        Psyllids                    Start applying from leaf development until plant dieback every
Aphids 10-14 days. Plant crops as early as possible to minimise  psyllid damage.
Potato tuber

Tamarillos     Psyllids                    Start applying once conditions are suitable for insect infestation
Aphids                     (warmer weather). Apply a minimum of 3 times at 10-14 day intervals.
Leaf roller

Vegetables    Chewing & sucking   Start applying at first sign or in anticipation of insect problem.
(general)       insects                  Spray at 10-14 day intervals until pressure is gone.

Curcuribts     Aphids                     Start applying once conditions are suitable for insect infestation
Whitefly                  (warmer weather). Spray at 10-14 day intervals until pressure is gone.

Tree Paste is used for pruning cuts, for painting on stock damage on trunks, or even as a tonic or pick me up for a tree that needs some helping along in the winter. Diatomaceous earth an essential ingredient in the recipe

Poultry Miticide – Diatomaceous Earth is also the best way to deal with mites on chicken if they don’t have a good dust bath to sort it themselves. Simply pick  your chickens, turn them over and inspect under their feathers especially the warmest spots. If there are many mites just sprinkle a little diatomaceous earth and rub into feathers. Mites do not survive this dust in their exoskeletons.