Seedling Inoculant




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This product contains a potent blend of 25 species of soil friendly bacteria and 10 beneficial fungi which devour and out compete many pathogens. Tricodermia species are renowned for their capacity to control soil diseases like Fusarium, Rhizotonia etc. The benefits are better nutrient uptake, higher levels of nitrogen fixation, higher organic carbon conversion, improved soil activity, increased phosphate availability, faster soil decomposition, and release of locked up trace elements.

As long as you are using an organic seed raising mix (all commercial mixes contain fungicides unless certified organic) then using these microbes will give your seedlings a better chance of doing well and also inoculate your garden at the same time. This is a great way to spread the whole range of beneficial microbes around the garden. 40g is enough to inoculate your seedlings in a large home garden for 1 year.

Instructions For Use:
Best effects when you incubate 5gms Kōanga Seedling Inoculant with a little liquid fish and molasses in 10 litres of warm water for 24 hours then apply (in watering can) to seedlings once, early in their lives. You must be using an organic seed raising mix for this to be effective. You will be amazed at the root quality when you transplant your seedlings into the garden beds where they will take the microbes into your garden soil.