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  • Alfalfa 500 grams



    Introducing Our Dynamic Alfalfa:

    Experience the power of alfalfa, a versatile mineral accumulator with roots that penetrate meters deep into the soil.

    Plant it over the summer for a continuous monthly harvest from a single patch. While it takes approximately 6 months to establish, once it takes hold, alfalfa offers a prolonged growing and harvesting season, surpassing comfrey.

    Harness the benefits of alfalfa in your garden! Whether for composting or mulching heavy feeders like tomatoes, peppers, and pumpkins, alfalfa is your go-to solution for soil enrichment and crop nourishment.



  • Black Oats & Maple Peas


    Discover the power of our unique combination: grass paired with legumes for unparalleled soil-building synergy. Our specially bred Black oats from Germany are designed to maximize biomass, ideal for winter feed for horses and for building your soil. With their exceptional growth and high BRIX levels, oats excel in sequestering vital minerals like calcium and phosphate, enriching compost and fostering soil health.

    Harnessing the potential of oats and peas together, our mix offers dual benefits as a carbon crop or mulch for subsequent plantings. Easy to manage and encouraging natural mulching post-flowering, this blend ensures optimal soil health and nutrient retention. To get the best results, either as a carbon crop for compost making or to lie them down as a mulch wait until they are at least at 10% flowering before harvesting or flattening.

    Elevate your gardening game with our premium oat and pea blend!

    Suitable For: Any garden bed.


  • Common Vetch To plant 100sqm Approximately 500 grams

    Common Vetch


    Introducing Our Versatile Vetch Seed:

    Discover the power of vetch, an annual pasture, forage, and grain legume that serves as a multipurpose addition to any garden. Whether used alone or in a mix, vetch thrives in vegetable gardens as a compost crop, enriching the soil and preparing it for future plantings.

    Perfect for planting into beds that require preparation for early spring planting, especially when the soil may be difficult to work. Simply slice or shark the vetch off the top, leaving the bed resembling soft, beautiful, moist chocolate cake, enriched with nitrogen nodules ready to nourish your next crop.

    Unlock the potential of your garden with our premium vetch seed. Get yours today and experience the difference in soil health and garden productivity!

    Suitable For: Any garden anywhere in NZ.


  • Kōanga Soil Builder – 5 family carbon/compost mix


    Discover the Kōanga Soil Builder – our favourite carbon/compost mix renowned for its unparalleled success in rebuilding and regenerating soil quality. The secret to its effectiveness lies in its meticulously balanced composition of diverse species. Experience the transformative power of this blend firsthand, and prepare to be amazed by the results

    Suitable For: All soil types, anywhere in NZ. Best planted in late Summer/Early Autumn.



  • Perennial Patch Sainfoin, Alfalfa, Sweet Yellow Clover, Crimson Clover, Common Vetch

    Perennial Patch


    Introducing Our Perennial Patch Mix:

    Unlock the potential of your garden with our Perennial Patch Mix, featuring a delightful blend of Sainfoin, Alfalfa, Sweet Yellow Clover, Crimson Clover, and Vetch. These colourful biennial, perennial, or self-seeding legumes and herbs offer endless possibilities, whether creating a stunning perennial border around your vegetable garden or enriching existing landscapes.

    Harvest throughout the summer to mulch your vegetables, providing natural nourishment, or let the vibrant flowers bloom to attract and feed beneficial insects, creating a thriving ecosystem in your backyard.

    Plant in early spring or autumn, and allow a few months for establishment. With deep roots and multipurpose benefits, this mix not only attracts insects and birds but also serves as a valuable compost ingredient. Plus, with its beautiful flowers, it adds a touch of beauty to any garden landscape.

    Experience the versatility and beauty of our Perennial Patch Mix today. Transform your garden into a vibrant and sustainable oasis that delights both you and nature alike!

    Suitable For: The Perennial Patch Mix is adaptable to any soil type and location, but thrives best in its own permanent bed.

  • Wild and free Cereal rye, black oats, blue lupins, hairy vetch, crimson clover To plant 100sqm Approximately 1 kilo

    Wild and Free


    Introducing Our Wild and Free Mix:

    A harmonious blend of oats, rye, vetch, blue lupins, and crimson clover. This vibrant mix is designed to thrive in all soils and all seasons, supporting ecological health and providing essential food sources for bees and insects.

    Ideal as a compost and carbon crop, our Wild and Free Mix enriches the soil for the following crop while adding a burst of color to any garden bed. With beautiful purple, red, and blue flowers, it creates a visually stunning landscape that delights the senses.

    Suitable For: All soils in all seasons and for planting in spring or autumn. Simply harvest before the next crop goes in to create nutrient-rich compost for your garden. Embrace the wildness of nature and cultivate a thriving ecosystem with our Wild and Free Mix.

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