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  • Oats, Lupins and Crimson Clover To plant 40sqm Approximately 1 kilo

    Oats, Lupins and Crimson Clover


    A mix of Black Oats, Lupin and Crimson Clover – a great combination as a grass with a legume creates soil building synergy!



  • Perennial Patch Sainfoin, Alfalfa, Sweet Yellow Clover, Crimson Clover, Common Vetch

    Perennial Patch


    A mix of Sainfoin, Alfalfa, Sweet Yellow Clover, Crimson Clover and Vetch. Colourful biennial, perennial, or self seeding legumes and herbs that could make up a perennial border around your vege garden, to harvest throughout the Summer to mulch your veges, or to leave to flower to attract and feed the insects or both.




  • Wild and free Cereal rye, black oats, blue lupins, hairy vetch, crimson clover To plant 100sqm Approximately 1 kilo

    Wild and Free


    Wild and Free for the earth, the insects, our senses, all soils and all seasons. A mix of oats, rye, vetch, blue lupins and crimson clover. Ideal as a compost/carbon crop that will build soil for the following crop, and support wider ecological health as well as bee and insect food




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