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If you would really like to learn to turn carbon into humus that is capable of growing nutrient dense food that can be tested using a refractometer then this is the Booklet for you! Kay has been making compost for 40 odd years and came to the conclusion 10 years ago that it was clearly not working. She has dedicated the last 10 years to learning to make compost that does actually grow soil and high quality for and we can all do it easily!

Our compost heaps are designed to:

  •  Turn carbonaceous material into highly mineralised biologically active humus, capable of growing nutrient dense food.
  • Be aerobic… essential for it to work as soil food.
  •  Make the maximum amount of high quality humus.
  • Hold the range of minerals that plants need attatched to carbon, in the form of humus, making a super efficient use of the minerals that are not water soluble, so they remain in the top soil where the plant roots need them for longer. When the minerals are attatched (electrically bonded) to carbon they can only be used by plants or microbes and are not water soluble and do not wash away in the rain or when watering the garden like most others.
  •  Make efficient use of the compost materials we have, especially the carbon.
  •  Include all 84 minerals our plants need in roughly the right relationships for optimal cell growth.
  •  Use mineral sources from our own back yards wherever possible in the medium term… it’s a process.
  •  Make efficient use of our time.
  •  Be easy enough for everybody to do with no expensive tools or machinery. 

26 pages. Koanga Institute Booklet written by Kay Baxter. 

You will receive both epub and pdf files for this e-book. 
Thank you for saving paper by choosing to buy an e-version of this Koanga Booklet. We appreciate your mindfulness.


Hardcopy Version Available 


Composting at Koanga

Some Principles And Patterns We Are Basing Our Method On

More Patterns To Understand Before We Get To Action Time

Making Compost – Action Time

Compost Thermometers and Covers

Things To Look For As Your Heap Ages

Some Ideas For Management Guidelines

A Step By Step Process – For designing our gardens so that they produce all the high quality carbon we need to make enough compost to be growing soil and high quality plants 

Process to ensure you are designing your garden and compost crops so that you have enough enough carbon to make enough compost to be building soil, and growing high quality vegetables 

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