Kōanga Booklet | Northland Stories


No matter who we are or where we have come from, the stories of our food plants are inextricably linked with our own stories, our own whakapapa… they are us.


Northland Stories is the story of the settlement of Northland told via the food plants and trees, as she has pieced it together from the stories told to her by the keepers of the old trees and seeds of Northland, many of whom have passed now. It will be familiar pattern over the whole of this land and in fact much of the world that was colonised over this period.

46 pages. Kōanga Institute Booklet, written by Kay Baxter.

E-booklet available

The earliest European Fruiting Trees I know of in this land happen to be in Northland!
Old Sea Captains, and the Whalers and Sealers 1780-1840
Missionaries and Traders 1800s-1840s
Early Settlers 1810-1870s
Totara House
The Dalmatian Gumdiggers
1880s – 1890s – 1920s
WWII until today