Bean Runner White Scotch (AKA Takamatua white) | Members Only Preservation Pack


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GENUS: Phaseolus SPECIES: coccineus

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Heritage Status: New Zealand
Bio-Region of Origin: Auckland
Number of Seeds: 15

Description: Perennial runner, green snap, shellout, dry bean. Yet another version of the runner bean, this time sent to us by Bryce Palmer of Glendene, Auckland who says it was grown for many years by Edith and Frank Goodyear of Christchurch (Henry Harrington’s sister) and that it is not stringy which makes it great as a green bean and that if you are freezing it don’t blanch it first!

Planting Instructions: Direct sow in Spring or plant into trays to avoid bird and slug damage. Plant into deeply prepared beds 20cm apart and pinch tops out at 30cm above ground for maximum production. Prefers to grow with roots in a cool moist environment. Beans stop setting if too hot or dry.