Pumpkin Triamble | Members Only Preservation Packet


(C. maxima )

NZ Heritage

These are the well known old 3 lobed pumpkins of days gone by.

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Heritage Status: Overseas
Bio-Region of Origin: Gisborne
Number of Seeds: 10

These are the well known 3 lobed pumpkins of days gone by, gifted to our collection by Margaret Hulme of Gisborne. She farmed with her husband after the war on a rehab farm on part of the “Coops” Estate at Young Nick’s Head for 45 years. This pumpkin was the special pumpkin grown by the local Maori gardener whose family gifted the pumpkin seed back to her after he died. A good tasty solid orange fleshed pumpkin, good for everything – good keeper. This pumpkin will bring back many memories!