Carrot Akaroa Long Red | Members Only Preservation Packet


Daucus SPECIES: carota

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Heritage Status: New Zealand
Bio-Region of Origin: Akaroa: Hawkes Bay
Number of Seeds: 150

Description:  A rare New Zealand heritage carrot, originally from Akaroa, so possibly came with the French settlers. It is a medium size, deep orange to red carrot, with a tapering end and is juicy and sweet with excellent flavour, harder, denser flesh than modern super-sweet cultivars.

Planting Instructions: Direct scatter sow over a 10cm x 1m strip, when conditions are warm and moist. Lightly cover with soil, scatter with Quash slug bait then cover with an old sheet or 70% shade cloth while germinating. Remove cloth as soon as 70% of seeds show first two leaves, watch carefully for slugs and snail damage.