Bean Climbing Holy | Members Only Preservation Packet


Phaseolus SPECIES: vulgaris

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Heritage Status: New Zealand
Bio-Region of Origin: Whanganui
Number of Seeds: 20

Description: We received these beans in 2014 from Anne Handley of Omaka Wanganui and a story to go with them. They have been in New Zealand a long time but came originally from France. According to a legend, a French pastor hid his church treasures underground during the first World War, fearing theft. In order to protect the treasures even better he planted beans on top of them. When the beans were ripe for picking and being shelled the pastor discovered pictures of a monstrance on the beans. H.van Rens, being a school teacher in Horst, took the plants home from France 3 years ago. During a holiday in the French Vosges he met up with an eccentric recluse who grew the beans and told him the story about the legend. Back in the Netherlands Van Rens showed the beans to the commercial bean seed growers in Horst. He also gave some cuttings to Van den Bekrom, connoisseur of the Roman Catholic faith. According to Van Rens the commercial growers had never seen anything like it and they couldn’t give an explanation for it. Head office of the bean seed growers in Naaldwijk also examined the beans, they are all puzzled. A spokesperson of Auction house ZON also talks about a miracle. We just cannot explain it. The pictures on the beans are so clear, they seem to be painted on. Van Rens gets them served regularly on his plate. According to him the taste is divine!

Planting Instructions: Scatter sow into seed trays and transplant at 10cm spacing under trellis as soon as second leaves appear. This avoids problems with birds, slugs, snails, and rotting in cold ground.