Cuttings | Basket Willow Bundle


Willow cuttings are sold as a mix made of 3 cuttings of each basket willow variety.

Please note these will be sent during the winter but separately to fruit trees

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These are professional basket willows, and will grow to have different color, length, flexibility, and so on. willows like wet soils and the more water available will result in more growth, plant in 30-50cm spacing to create long upright growth, and harvest during winter.

  • Common Osier x 3 (salix viminalis) — Gold
  • Giganta x 3 — Yellow
  • Purple Willow x 3 (salix purpurea) — Red/Purple
  • Unknown x 3 — Yellow

Forest Gardens are orchards designed in such a way so the needs of the heavy bearing heavy feeding fruit trees are taken care of in the design.

We do this by:

  • Ensuring no more than 60% of the canopy space is taken up by heavy feeders. We prefer 40%.
  • For every square metre of heavy feeder canopy there is 0.8 of a square metre of nitrogen fixer.
  • For every square metre of heavy feeder there is 1 comfrey plant.
  • You have all seven (7) layers of the forest garden present.
  • You have as wide a range of mineral accumulators present.

For more details about this see the Kōanga Design Your Own Forest Garden Booklet