Cape Gooseberry (AKA Peruvian Golden Berry)



GENUS: Physalis SPECIES: peruviana


Heritage Status: New Zealand

Bio-Region of Origin: Hawkes Bay

Number of Seeds: 50

Description: Cape Gooseberries are well known by older folk who often had them growing wild in the past. The plants are sprawling bushes to 1m, and togther form a good ground cover. The fruit which is 1-2cm diameter forms inside a husk or cape, which turns lacey as the fruit ripens. At this point it can be eaten and are their very best as dried fruit with an intense sweet sour taste, with a huge depth of flavour.

Planting Instructions: Plant seed in Spring when ground warms up and prick out at 2.5cm diagonal spacings. Transplant at 1m spacings when 5-8cm high or leaves are touching. At this spacing they will form a total ground cover.