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  • Cape Gooseberry (AKA Peruvian Golden Berry)



    GENUS: Physalis SPECIES: peruviana

  • Cuttings | Elderberry Adam x 3


    These will come as a strong, thick cutting with instructions for growing.  They grow easily, this is the cheapest way to make them available to you. $9 for 3 cuttings

    Please note these will be sent during the winter but separately to fruit trees

  • Raspberry | Yellow | og


    This collection of NZ heritage berries has mostly come to us from many people around New Zealand, however a significant part of the collection came from Henry Harrington. A growing part of the collection is from a member and Koanga Seed Curator, Wendy Evans, who lives near Wellington and collects heritage berries. She has named her collections after the places she found them. All these berries are grown from cuttings and grown in Open Ground situation “og”.

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