Koanga Garden Planner


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This Garden Planner brings together almost everything Kay has learned about gardening!

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This is Your Ultimate Home Scale Guide to Regenerative Food Security, Enjoy!

In 10 easy steps you can design your own gardens (no matter what size they are) and have all of the following built in:

  • Crop rotation
  • Maintenance and regeneration of soil health
  • A balanced diet
  • Efficient use of garden beds
  • A seamless changeover from season to season – This will help to create food security for you and your family whilst growing soil
  • Seed Saving



This booklet explains each component of the Garden Planner and gives you background information needed to understand this way of gardening.


This booklet takes you through planning your garden in 9 easy to follow steps. It will help you understand each step by looking at Kay’s Example 40 sq m Garden.


This Garden Planner Master Chart gives you all the crop information you need to fill in your other sheets.


The Crop Rotation Planner will become your plan that shows you how long each crop will be in the ground, and what crops will follow. This planner will also show you how your rotation works.


The Crop Choices chart helps you with recording your crop choices and determining areas and planting times.


The Garden Action Plan tells you ‘what to do when’ in an easy to check out form, and also helps you keep useful records with the aim of further improving your garden planning. It is the place you record exactly which varieties you will be growing of each vegetable.

Garden_Planner_Worksheet_Garden_Map.jpgThe Garden Map will become a plan of your actual garden that will show you exactly where to plant each crop.

It is all built on BioIntensive principles and includes planning for seed saving and expected yields. It also   includes a large wall chart (the master chart) giving you seed planting dates, garden planting dates, which method to use to plant your seed, diagonal spacings for each vegetable when transplanting, how many plants you will need per square metre and much much more.

Selecting Your Crops

We’ve added a menu on our website called ‘crop rotation’, this is especially for you! It makes crop selecting easier when you use your garden planner. You can search by ‘Heavy Feeder’, ‘Roots & Legumes’ and ‘Carbon Crops’.

Crop_Rotation_RLC_Heavy.jpg     Crop_Rotation_RLC_Roots.jpg