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  • Koanga Garden Planner

    Brand New Updated version of the Kōanga Garden Planner!
    This Garden Planner is designed to take you through simple steps so that you end up with a design for your garden which includes
    1. growing enough carbon to be able to make enough compost to be building the soil – essential if you wish to be growing nutrient dense food
    2. a plan that means you will have food year round
    3. providing a simple garden plan to put up on the shed door that can be copied and a monthly list of seeds to plant
    4. providing the best environment for each main crop
    5. shows you when to plant everything, when to transplant everything
    6. when to take things out so the next crop can go in, so you have no gaps in the garden or on the table
    7. which carbon crops best follow which edible crops
    Basically it makes life far easier for you if any of these things are an issue for you
    If you purchased the previous version of the Kōanga Garden Planner this upgrade will allow you to purchase just the sheets that have changed
  • Koanga Garden Planner Master Chart


    The Master Chart sits at the core of our Garden Planner and is now available as a stand alone item. The Master Chart contains decades of accumulated crop knowledge in an easily accessible format.

  • Kōanga Garden Planner Upgrade

    This is for people who already have a copy of the Kōanga Garden Planner. Kay has recently upgraded the planner and we are making available this upgrade of the two parts that have been changed, the Step by Step Guide and the Crop Rotation Sheet.

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