Black Locust/Robina


GENUS: Robinia SPECIES: Pseudoacacia


Native to: Southern United States
Number of Seeds: 20

Description: Black Locust or Robina is a deciduous tree in the legume family, growing up to 20m. It is native to southern United States and is widely spread around the world. Robinia is a great forest gardens plant as we could harvest several crops – early flowers for bees, ground durable posts, it coppices so can harvest posts every several years and is nitrogen fixing, and poultry love the seed. You can keep it the height you want it by coppicing regularly. Seed drops in February, March, or April.

Planting Instructions: Early Autumn or early Spring. Scarify – Place seeds in a tin can/glass and pure boiling water, let soak for 24 hours. Scatter in trays and transplant into 1L bags/ open ground garden bed when 5cm tall. Plant into permanent position when 50cm high.