Mullein Wild Harvested


GENUS: Verbascum SPECIES: thapsus

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Heritage Status: New Zealand
Number of Seeds: 200

Description: HERB-medicinal. Like Foxglove, this medicinal plant grows wild in areas of light, loose eroding soils. It has hairy leaves and stunning yellow summer flower spikes. Flowers used to make oil infusion in tinctures etc. for wide range of health problems. Mullein is the herb used to make an infused oil for earache. The flowers and leaves are soaked in olive oil for 6 weeks then strained off into a small bottle with a dropper. We used this herb to relieve earache when our children were young. It worked very well.

Planting Instructions: Plant into seed trays and prick out at 3cm diagonal spacing. Transplant when leaves touch or 6cm high at 30cm diagonal spacing. Likes deep free draining soil. Slugs love the new growth so precautions must be taken in the early stages.