Hovenia dulcis (Japanese Raisin Tree)


Hovenia dulcis

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Native to: Asia
Number of Seeds: 20

Description: Hardy broadleaf deciduous tree, to about 10 m, upright oval to rounded outline, long ascending main branches, few lateral branches. Flower stalks becomes swollen, red and edible, sweet flavored after frost. Fruit pea-sized, looks and tastes like raisins when dried. We coppice them and chip for ramial wood chip to feed the trees around them. Great emergent tree creating light shade for subtropicals and other trees. Great in an Asian Guild Forest Garden. Prefer sandy light soils but tolerates a wide range of soil conditions and grows fast. ‘Raisins’ are good chicken fodder. The flowers are fairly insignificant but are much loved by bees.

Seed Preparation: Stored seeds have an impermeable seed coat that severely slows down germination; scarify by rubbing the seed between sandpaper, then by soaking the seed in hot tap water (approximately 140°F) for several days. Keep moist, germination can be slow, up to 12 months. Prick out into pots and plant at 1 year old in Spring after frosts are over.