Amaranthus Tampala


GENUS: Amaranth SPECIES: tricolour


Heritage Status: New Zealand
Bio-Region of Origin: Hawkes Bay
Number of Seeds: 600

Description: A New Zealand heritage green leafy heat loving vegetable sent in to us by Dr. Graham Hanna of Mangere in 1997. It is common throughout Asia and well known as a super nutritious green, especially when lightly steamed or sautéed. High in calcium, iron and other minerals, it grows to 1m high, and has red and green crinkled leaves that can be picked all summer.

Planting Instructions: Broadcast seeds in strips directly into beds from November to February. Enough seed to plant 4x10cm wide strips, once per month between November and February. Or plant into seed trays, prick out to 2.5cm diagonal spacing and transplant at 20cm diagonal spacing when leaves touch.