Spinach Japanese (AKA Lands End)


GENUS: Spinaceae SPECIES: oleraceae


Heritage Status: New Zealand

Bio-Region of Origin: Southland/Timaru/Christchurch

Number of Seeds: 60

Description: This is a rare endangered species. This spinach came to us from the Harrington collection in Southland, Arthur and Phyllis Wood of Timaru, Harry Jennings of Southland, and R.H.Lord from Hoon Hay Christchurch. It is a cool season spinach that can be planted in early Spring and Autumn. It’s like other spinach cultivars but grows much taller with larger pointy leaves and less crinkling, the plants are also larger than other spinach cultivars. Similar in taste to regular spinach. The seeds are large and very sharply pointed on triangular corners! Prick out leading tips to keep it bushy and productive. Arthur Wood says it came to this land from Lands End in Southern England.

Planting Instructions: Plant into trays early Autumn, and early Spring. Prick out at 2.5cm diagonal spacings. Transplant when 6cm high to 25cm diagonal spacings. Spinach appreciates being sown after peas or beans for the most delicately flavoured leaves. Partial shade in hot weather can extend the harvest period by discouraging it from bolting.