Kale Pohara (AKA Asparagus Kale)


GENUS: Brassica SPECIES: oleracea


Heritage Status: New Zealand

Bioregion: Blenheim

Number of Seeds: 100

Description: Well known around many Māori communities, particularly around the East Cape area, this kale is known as Pohara. It is a mild flavoured kale with large open light green leaves with a slight curl/crinkle around the edges. Gifted to our collection by Ian Kauta, of Torere. Also sent to us by Terry Harris of Blenheim with the name Asparagus Kale.

Planting Instructions: Plant in trays in late Summer/Autumn or Early Spring. Prick out when first 2 leaves appear at 2.5cm diagonal spacing and transplant when 8 cm high at 40cm diagonal spacing. Alternatively broadcast (direct sow) to harvest young leaves for mesclun salads. If establishing in Summer for Autumn eating, cover with row crop cover to protect from butterflies and extreme heat.