New Zealand Heritage Kale Collection


GENUS: Brassica SPECIES: oleracea


Heritage Status: New Zealand

Bio-Region of Origin: Aotearoa

Number of Seeds: 100

Description: This collection contains our own New Zealand heritage kales Pohara (aka Asparagus Kale) and Borecole. Borecole is an early commercial, delicious, dark green, round curly leaf edge type. Pohara is the wavy edged mid-green variety common around old Maori gardens. A very special collection.

Planting Instructions: Plant in trays in late Summer/Autumn or Early Spring. Prick out when first 2 leaves appear at 2.5cm diagonal spacing and transplant when 8cm high at 40cm diagonal spacing. Alternatively broadcast (direct sow) to harvest young leaves for mesclun salads. If establishing in Summer for Autumn eating cover with row crop cover to protect from butterflies and extreme heat.