Egyptian Tree Onion Gerald de Koning


Genus & Species: Allium cepa

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Heritage Status: New Zealand
Bio-Region of Origin: Southland
Quantity: approx 170 grams

Description: Gerald de Koning grew these onions for many years at the Mount Linton Station until his retirement in 1996. He passed them to Henry Harrington many years ago and we now hold them. They grow well all over the South Island, Northland and also in the Eastern Bay of Plenty. These are clump forming onions. You save the best for seed, and eat the rest (although ours are now so good that we save the best middle sized for seed and eat the very large ones and the smaller ones). If you pick off the flower stalk that contains the bulbils you will grow larger onions. You can also keep the bulbils for seed.

Planting Instructions: Onions do best in light soils with good drainage and need a sunny position. Enrich soil with well rotted manure, compost, lime and Nature’s Garden prior to planting. Plant bulbil just below the soil from May to July at 17cm diagonal spacings. They benefit from a weed suppressant mulch.

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