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This collection of NZ heritage berries has mostly come to us from many people around New Zealand, however a significant part of the collection came from Henry Harrington. A growing part of the collection is from a member and Koanga Seed Curator, Wendy Evans, who lives near Wellington and collects heritage berries. She has named her collections after the places she found them. All these berries are grown from cuttings and grown in Open Ground situation “og”.

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This Worcesterberry came from Henry Harrington’s grandparents (de Malmanche family), who were early French settlers near Akaroa.

It is a cross between a gooseberry and a black currant, and grows like a vine, so needs espaliering against a wall, a south wall is great.

If you espalier them like an apple you can then hang bird netting over the vine when the black sweet berries are ripe, the berries sit for weeks once ripe if covered. Excellent flavour.

Ripe February will hang on bush if shady until late March