Red Chokeberry


GENUS: Aronia SPECIES: arbutifolia

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Native to: North America
Number of Seeds: 20

Description: This is a thin stemmed hard woody shrubby tree to 3m. The wood is hard. They set huge crops of red 5-6mm berries, soft when ripe, but need to cover from birds to harvest fruit. The roots tend to throw up new stems if damaged and it naturally forms a thicket. We dry the berries and grind on breakfast or add to stewed apple etc. They have a great flavour, but are astringent until dried.

Planting Instructions: Stratify seeds with a little damp sand in a zip top bag, in fridge all Winter. Remove in mid-late Spring and plant them 3mm deep in a container filled with a moist, well-drained germination medium. Cover with glass or plastic and keep the container moist, but not soggy. These seeds should germinate in 3 to 4 weeks at 20 degrees C.