Raspberry | Black | OG


This collection of NZ heritage berries has mostly come to us from many people around New Zealand, however a significant part of the collection came from Henry Harrington. A growing part of the collection is from a member and Koanga Seed Curator, Wendy Evans, who lives near Wellington and collects heritage berries. She has named her collections after the places she found them. All these berries are grown from cuttings and grown in Open Ground situation “og”.

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Non suckering, well known, ancient cultivar sent to Koanga by a member in the South Island 10 years ago. The fruit is darker than Lake, and is ripe a little later and longer. The vines grow tall but can be tipped to keep down to 1m if tied to wires in loops. Must have old wood taken out each winter and all new vines tipped.

Black raspberries are reputed to be the most nutritious