Rockmelon Jenny Lind



GENUS: Cucumis SPECIES: melo


Heritage Status: Overseas

Bio-Region of Origin: Hawkes Bay

Number of Seeds: 10

Description: We’ve been trialling heritage rock melons from around the world over the past few years and Jenny Lind has been one of the best performers. It is a very sweet and juicy, small to medium round, netted, green fleshed melon, with a distinctive knob on the blossom end. It is an heirloom melon from Philadelphia before 1840, named after a singer of that era!

Planting Instructions: Sow seeds into trays and prick out at 10cm diagonal spacing or plant into 10cm pots. Transplant into rich free draining soil (under cloches if necessary). Transplant when plants have 2-4 true leaves at 50cm diagonal spacing.