Pepper Sweet Burpees Thickwalled


GENUS: Capsicum SPECIES: annum



Heritage Status: New Zealand
Bio-Region of Origin: Bay of Plenty
Number of Seeds: 30

Description: Sweet pepper. This is an heirloom from the Bay of Plenty. It was sent to us by Ezilda Cummings, the daughter of Haywood Wright, New Zealand’s most famous plant breeder. It is a pepper from Haywood’s collection originally imported from the famous Burpee’s Seed Company which has now been bought out by the multinationals. It is a very round flat, blocky, thick walled, segmented sweet pepper with good flavour. It does really well for us and is a great pepper for stuffing because it is thick walled and flat bottomed. because of it’s thick walls and excellent flavour it makes a great paprika pepper too!

Planting Instructions: Plant indoors in trays in early Spring. Needs even temperature of 18 degrees C to germinate. Prick out when second leaves appear to 2.5 cm diagonal spacing. Transplant after danger of frost, under cloches if necessary at 30 cm diagonal spacing.