Lettuce Half Century


GENUS: Lactuca SPECIES: sativa


Heritage Status: New Zealand
Bio-Region of Origin: New Plymouth/Ruawai
Number of Seeds: 150

Description: This is an heirloom from George Fuller of New Plymouth, and it came with the following description “Presumably a survivor from the 1850s and not surprisingly. Butterhead type, exceptionally compact and crisp. This is a perfect home garden lettuce. Too succulent to stand marketing! Suited to cultivation over a long period”. George knew the seed had come to him from Ruawai. The birds love it better than anything else in the garden, so keep netting and hoops on hand. The thing that makes it stand out is the thickness of the leaves. They are very substantial, quite unlike any other lettuce. It is a small green buttercrunch type, beautiful!

Planting Instructions: Best planted into trays in Spring and Autumn. Pricked out to 2.5cm diagonal spacing and transplanted when 3.5cm height at 20cm diagonal spacing. Sow in Summer under the shade.