Pea Dalmatian (AKA Marrow Fat)


GENUS: Pisum SPECIES: sativum


Heritage Status: New Zealand

Bio-Region of Origin: Northland: Nelson

Number of Seeds: 20

Description: The person that sent us this called it Dalmatian Pea Bean. We’ve been intrigued by these peas and so have many of our members. They came to New Zealand with the Dalmatians and were used as dried peas for soups and stews, or to simmer down into a thick sauce called ‘mushy peas’, as well as for ordinary shellout peas. These peas were developed by the Capuchin Monks in Holland or France in the 16th century, and are known there as Capucijner Peas. They have two tone purple flowers, stunning purple pods brown squarish peas and grow to 2m. The traditional recipes for these peas are found in the peasant culture of Europe. Especially great for soup, casserole dishes.

Planting Instructions: Scatter sow seeds into trays when ground has warmed in Spring. Transplant 8cm apart when first 2 leaves appear to avoid slug, snail and bird problems.