Pumpkin Butternut NZ Heritage



GENUS: Cucurbita SPECIES: moschata


Heritage Status: New Zealand

Bio-Region of Origin: Helensville

Number of Seeds: 10

Description: This is the first New Zealand heritage butternut seed that we have had sent in to us that has proved to be still viable. It’s a lovely small, sweet, excellent flavoured butternut, and it came from Ross Stringer in Helensville. If you’re trying to save your own seed a pumpkin from the moschata family is essential, because they don’t cross with maximas and poepo’s. Being a very good keeper is a bonus. To keep well they must be well grown in soil containing the right minerals in the right relationship to grow a high brix plant.

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Planting Instructions: Sow seed into tray after danger of frost. Prick out at 6cm diagonal spacings when first leaves appear. Transplant into garden at 1m diagonal spacings once soil temp reaches 15-16 degrees C.