Kōanga Booklet | Egg Production in a Regenerative Future


A comprehensive guide to raising poultry for egg production in a regenerative way.


Kay shares her journey into raising poultry for eggs without feeding industrial grains, looks at the options for regenerative chicken systems and talks about the best breeds for these systems.

Essential reading if you want to raise poultry in the best way possible.

66 pages. Koanga Institute Booklet written by Kay Baxter.

E-booklet available


Section 1 – Design Process
Egg production in a regeneration future
Purpose and context
Ethics and values
Patterns (recurring characteristics)
Some possible techniques

Section 2 – Management Systems For Regenerative Egg Production
Designing eggs without industrial grains
Getting your chickens off industrial grains
Koanga urban chickens 101
Urban chicken feed ideas chart
Chicken management
Feeding chickens in home scale forest gardens
Feeding Chickens in a larger scale designed Chicken Forage Paddock
Chickens behind cows
Chicken Feed System Chart
Sprouting whole grains for poultry food

Section 3 – Getting The Best Genetics For You
The ideal bird
Our story around choosing breeds
Poultry breeds and their characteristics chart
Ducks as egg layers
Duck eggs vs chicken eggs
Keeping a heritage breed alive
Conservation breeding
Production breeding
Identification of birds
Wondering about poultry for meat production?