Henry Harrington

Henry Harrington was a gardener and seed saver who amassed a great collection of heritage seeds and plants which he gifted to Kōanga and many of which are very significant varieties in the Kōanga collection.

Henry lived and gardened in Southland but many are the original seed lines he has saved from his grandparents (de Malmanche) garden at Akaroa which was there from the days of French settlement.

Before his death Henry asked Kay if she would create a Children’s Award for interest in seed saving. It took a while to get to the top of the list but are finally we are able to make this happen.

Henry was one of our great NZ Seed Savers. His death leaves a huge gap, along with the passing on of almost all those elderly orchardists and gardeners who gifted seeds, fruit trees and knowledge all those years ago.

These awards are for children with an interest in seeds or seed saving

There are 2 awards as follows:

One will go to a primary age child who shows a love for seeds in some way. The Award will include a beautiful certificate together with an appropriate collection of heritage seeds, and an opportunity to join a Guided Tour here with your family for free to see how we save the seeds!

The second award will be for a secondary age student, or a horticultural class at high school, or a homeschooling group etc., who shows a love of gardening and in particular an interest in seed saving. Together with a certificate the recipient(s) of this award will receive a large collection of Kōanga seeds, and copies of Save Your Own Seeds and Growing Nutrient Dense Food Booklets. The recipient or, if it is a class situation, two recipients will be gifted our online Seed Saving Masterclass when it is released, as well as our current two Masterclasses.

Nominations for both awards must be submitted by September 30th each year.

Competition closed for 2022. Will open again for nominations around July 2023.