NEW! Two Day | Poultry Butchery Workshop | 27th to 28th April 2023


Thurs 27th and Fri 28th April 2023

Tutors:       Taiamai Corker
Location:    Koanga Institute, Kotare Road, Wairoa
Hawkes Bay, New Zealand.
Time:           9am – 4pm daily

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Taiamai is a butcher and farmer who loves his Wiltshire Horn Sheep, Large Black Pigs, his poultry and his Dexter cows, and loves to share his passion and skill at butchering and meat processing in a way that makes it totally accessible for all.

This workshop is for those of you wanting to  be able to develop your own regenerative poultry systems that are not dependent on industrial chicken food, to produce your own eggs and meat.

We will cover many different styles of designing chicken systems  that suit different situations , and everybody on this workshop will have the opportunity to do all of the tasks required to kill and pluck and prepare chickens to freeze or cook, more than once. It is a hands-on workshop!! Taiamai will give you all a look around his poultry operation, looking at his breeds and the way he manages them. You’ll see chickens behind cows, chickens in small and large forest gardens. You’ll see ducks in their happy places, and Chinese Weeder Geese and flocks of chickens used as cluckies, as well as muscovies used as cluckies, as well as the breeds we are breeding here Golden Campine and Golden Campine x Sicilian Buttercup

On this workshop you will learn how  to 

  • Choose the best breeds and birds to suit your egg and meat needs
  • Choose the best breeds to suit the food you actually have available
  • Choose the breeds that are the most efficient converters of food to eggs or meat
  • Raise birds for meat or for eggs, several different ways.. 
  • Butcher chickens, ducks , muscovies, possibly geese
      • choose birds that are ready for butchering 
      • catch them and butcher them in relatively stress free ways
      • pluck both by hand and using a plucking machine
      • butcher them in several different ways, so you can choose the way that works for you
      • keep and use all parts of the birds

Meals Included Here at Koanga we are very aware of how important food is to eco-systems, people, cultures, communities and ultimately our health.

All food served on our courses is:

  • Locally Sourced
  • Organic
  • Unrefined
  • Nutrient Dense
  • Traditional
  • Prepared following Weston A. Price principles

We will not be catering for food preference or intolerance. If you have any concerns regarding this please contact us with your queries [email protected] so we can further discuss.

Camping Facilities Included We have set this workshop up so you are able to camp onsite and use our facilities. You’re also welcome to stay somewhere in Wairoa at your own cost, if you prefer. If you are coming from far away and wish to arrive the night before and leave the day after the workshop you will need to let us know. Usually people arrange their own food and their own cooking facilities during this time.

About Koanga: The Koanga Institute, the Permaculture Research Institute of Wairoa New Zealand, is well known internationally for producing highly competent and knowledgeable students and teachers. For your benefit, we run multiple courses, offer an extensive searchable knowledge-base, publish high quality books and instruction manuals, have internships, apprenticeships and multiple other learning opportunities in organic living, Permaculture, Thorny Croft animals, appropriate technology and alternative building methods.

The workshops, apprenticeships and internships are for anyone interested in living sustainably, designing their own lives and empowering change in their communities. Koanga Institutes range of leading edge courses impart knowledge and practical skills that will empower you to be more self-reliant and resilient in supporting your family and your local community. These include learning about growing highly mineralized microbially active soil, the basis for nutrient dense food (beyond organic) and holistic health, preparing and acquiring nutrient dense food, many other workshops

Please note: The Workshop will be confirmed two weeks before it begins. If circumstances prevent the Workshop from going ahead, enrolment fees will be refunded in full.

Payment Options: We can offer an option for you to pay off the Workshop in installments; providing that the workshop has been paid for in full no later than 2 weeks before the start date. To ask further questions, secure your place or organise payment options please e-mail [email protected]

Cancellation Policy: Students who cancel their place at a workshop with more than three weeks notice will be given an 85% refund, however cancellations after this time can only be refunded 50% of the course fee. Cancellations with less than 48 hours, no refund can be given.

Feedback from some of the participants on previous butchery workshops

“Learnt a whole lot and really appreciated being able to work right through from live sheep to jointed carcass, sausages and salami.  Taiamai has so much knowledge, a great teacher, I really valued his European experience.  Food, was great!  Many Thanks.”


“Had an ‘amaaaaazing’ time on the butchery course.  I was a bit intimidated when I signed up, but while it was pretty challenging, we weren’t forced to do anything we weren’t comfortable doing.  The food was divine and we were so chuffed that our paleo diet was accommodated in such a delicious way!”


“A really great course.  Met a lot of like minded people and learned plenty over the week.  The food was fantastic and always more than enough.  Awesome learning environment with a really good teacher.  Thanks heaps.”


“The butchery workshop was amazing, Taiamai’s ability to teach based on principles and process made for quite an effective learning environment, with the freedom to ‘give it a go’ and learn directly from our own mistakes and triumphs.  I feel confident coming away that the knowledge and perspective gained will bring a lot of value to my life.”