Greater Burdock (AKA Gobo)


GENUS: Arctic SPECIES: lappa


Heritage Status: New Zealand
Number of Seeds: 30

Description:HERB-medicinal,1.3m. Biennial medicinal herb. A beautiful huge leafed,deep rooted plant with purple thistle like flowers standing erect on a solid single stem through summer. Burdock is also know as Gobo in Japan and is eaten as a root vegetable as well as the young flower stems and leaves. Useful as a blood purifier with many other medicinal properties.

Planting Instructions: Plant seed into trays Spring through Summer. Prick out at 2.5cm diagonal spacing and transplant into garden at 60cm spacing. Self sows easily, on bare ground this plant can spread and become a nuisance because of the burrs, remove flowers before seeding to prevent spread.