GENUS: Echinacea SPECIES: purpurea


Heritage Status: Overseas
Number of Seeds: 50

Description: HERB-medicinal | 1m perennial. Cottage garden, medicinal herb, vege companion. This is the echinacea that is easiest to grow for most of us and produces high quality echinacea tincture after it’s second year of root growth. The flowers are stunning pink daisies, much loved by the beneficial insects and this flower is also very comfortable in the Cottage Garden. A basic ‘must have’ herb for its medicinal qualities.

Planting Instructions: Plant into seed trays in the Spring. Prick out to 2.5cm diagonal spacing. Transplant when leaves touch at 20cm diagonal spacing. Likes deep free draining soil. Slugs love the new growth so precautions must be taken during the early stages.