Withania aka Ashwaganda


FAMILY:  Solanaceae
GENUS: Withania SPECIES: Somifera


Heritage Status: Overseas
Number of Seeds: 30

Description:Perennial, can be grown as an annual.  The roots are a very important ayuvedic medicinal plant with many important uses.  The fruit and seeds are also a curdling agent for making cheese, and are high in saponins which could be used like soap.  Is part of the nighshade family with a some level of toxicity.  

Planting Instructions:  Plant seed into trays in late Spring and prick out at 2.5cm diagonal spacings and into garden at 50cm diagonal spacings.  A fairly easily grown plant, it requires a warm sheltered position in full sun and a well-drained moderately fertile soil. Prefers a dry stony soil. This species is not hardy in temperate climates but it can be grown as an annual, flowering and fruiting in its first year from seed.  Frost tender.

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