Tomato Dwarf Scorsby


GENUS: Lycopersicon SPECIES: lycopersicum

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Heritage Status: New Zealand
Bio-Region of Origin: Koanga since 1994
Number of Seeds: 30

Description: Determinate (Dwarf). This is the traditional bush tomato which suits those who do not have high humidity and blight problems. Although it is a healthy plant, once they grow huge and full of fruit all lying on the ground, they can suddenly succumb to blight if it rains or becomes humid. They are a large flat tomato, with slightly lobed fruit with a good flavour. If you have little problem with blight this is a good way to grow loads of tomatoes for sauce etc.

Planting Instructions: Plant into trays late September and prick out when first leaves appear at 3 cm diagonal spacing. Handle touching the leaves only. When leaves touch, transplant into 10 cm deep pots or trays to 5 cm diagonal spacing. When 10-15 cm high transplant into garden 50 cm spacing in rows. Two rows per 1m wide bed.

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