Tagasaste (AKA Tree Lucerne)


GENUS: Cytisus SPECIES: proliferus


Native to: Canary Islands
Number of Seeds: 20

Description: Tagasaste or Tree Lucerne, is a small spreading evergreen tree that grows 3-4m high. Indigenous to the dry volcanic slopes of the Canary Islands. It is a great nitrogen fixing pioneer plant for forest gardens, producing large quantities of foliage biomass for mulch and fodder, early season flowers for bees, and seeds for birds.

Planting Instructions: Early autumn or early spring. Scarify – Place seeds in a tin can/glass and pour boiling water, let soak for 24 hours. Scatter in seed trays. At the end of the first growth spurt, prick out into pots. Plant into permanent position when 50cm high. Tagasaste fix nitrogen through soil microbes that are generally present in NZ soils.