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GENUS: Crambe SPECIES: maratimus: perennial

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Heritage Status: Overseas
Bio-Region of Origin: Koanga since 2012
Number of Root Cuttings: 1 (grown by Kay Baxter)

Description:  A wild perennial of the Northern hemisphere sea coats and gravel beaches. This is a very deep rooted perennial kale that goes dormant over winter, then shoots up tender, very tasty shoots in early Spring, which then grow to a leafy plant with flower shoots. All parts are extremely edible and delicious without any blanching. After the flower heads have finished leaves continue to grow and they are still edible until the summer. The plant needs at least two years to establish before picking from it. They form bushes 1m x 1m.

Sea kale is dormant over winter and becomes active in early Spring and grows fast during Spring and Summer. All parts of the plant are edible from the growing tips to the flower heads leaves and stalks especially before Xmas when other greens and veges are at a low ebb. They have super delicious flavour, like broccoli but with a tang of licorice or similar. It has bountiful beautiful white flowers that the beneficial insects go crazy over, day and night, and it has super deep roots that go straight to the middle of the earth so doesn’t need watering at all as far as I can see. 

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