Koanga Booklet | Save Your Own Seeds


The basics of everything you need to know to save all your own seeds from based on 30 years experience in Aotearoa. Written by Kay Baxter, co-founder of the Koanga Institute. 

We learn more about seed saving every year and this new edition adds more accurate information in easily accessible charts and words. This booklet is a must have if you are serious about saving seeds in a way that will ensure their genetic strength and usefulness way into the future.

64 pages. Koanga Institute Booklet. 



Also check out the Koanga Seed Saving Master Chart – another great resource to help you with seed saving

E-Booklet Version of Save Your Own Seeds booklet also available


Heritage Seeds

    High Quality Seeds

Seed Saving

    Know Your Seed Families and Follow the Process

    Amaranthus Family

    Amaryllidaceae Family

    Apiaceae Family

    Asteraceae Family

    Brassicaceae Family

    Chenopodaceae Family

    Convolvulaceae Family

    Cucurbitaceae Family

    Fabeaceae Family

    Gramineae Family

    Portulaceae Family

    Solanaceae Family

    Valerianaceae Family

Seed Storage



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